Monday, March 12, 2012

Love a Looooooong Weekend

there should be more of them!!!
More time to get organised (what ever that is) for the coming week and that is always a good thing
Talking of good things have you checked out Scraphappy Kats FNC
You still have time to get an entry in

This is the example I put together on Friday afternoon

This is a photo of my Darling Husband it was taken the year before we got married
(no wonder he's singing the blues)
34 years yesterday
What a Roller Coaster  ride it's been lots of ups and downs
There is nobody else on this earth that I would have wanted to take the ride with
May we continue to ride on that Roller Coaster for many more years to come

Enough of me prattling on I'm sure you all have better things to do than listen to me and I hope one of them is to enter the FNC which you can do 

Happy Scrappin'



Mandy said...

i am living your pages...wonderful...contracts on 34 years

Anonymous said...

beautiful page Lexie! xoxo