Saturday, September 5, 2009

For you Tracy

I had a deprived childhood
Never had a real Barbie
Had one of those cheap imitations
I did love her
I secretly wished for a real one
Sadly it wasn't to be

So when I had my girls
I made sure they had real Barbies
Lots of them and all that goes with them
They are all safely packed away now

I do own a few of my own now
I collected the odd one now and again

This one is 2 cute

Just liked these ones

and these ones

Because she is so pretty

and this one is beautiful

love the tiny credit card Barbie has
wonder if it has a tiny limit???

The next 3 are favourites

Bit of a fan of Star Trek
So I had to have this one

Love Cat Woman
She's sexy independent
Takes no crap
What a woman!!!!

My very favourite

love the Addams Family
Weird and Wacky
A family that marches to the beat of their own drum
Gotta love that

Hope you enjoyed this post Tracy



Anonymous said...

Oh I am soooooooooooooo jealous you have all of them?
OMG I had no idea there were so many - to think of what I missed out on in my childhood BOO HOO damm mother no wonder I am in therapy (must send mum your link).

Thanks for sharing Lexie - it put a smile on my face. And I am sorry I missed this special special post - my blog list didn't update (:

Have a wonderful and fun day, me and my barbie are off to have a tea party together and look through your blog again

Kathie said...

Love your collection of Barbies Lexie....I never had a real one either!! But didn't even realise until I read your post :o That is funny really....
Well look forward to chatting soon
Love Kathie
Ps I have some of the new Kaiser papers up for grabs as blog candy on my site....first ones are gone but there are two more sets to go so have a look tomorrow!!! xo

chrisw said...

isn't that funny it was the same for me..I actually won a cindy doll on a colour in competition..My little sister got loads of barbies and even barbie townhouse,don't know why my parents singled me out but anyhows ,life goes on,i spoilt my daughter with loads of barbies too and i now collect teddie bears and i have a handmade baby doll with real hair,she is just beautiful,guess i'll have to send you a pic now won't I!Thinking of you always honey and missing our chats!

Shazza said...

Miss you already Lexie!

Scrapping is not the same anymore without my dose of RSS :(